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Men's Bangles

Men’s bracelets are timeless fashion accessories that have evolved over time, embracing a wide range of designs. Tateossian is a trusted name in the world of high-end jewellery. Allow yourself to indulge in the luxury of contemporary trends and elegant designs. Crafted with intricate patterns on luxurious metal, our men’s bangles make excellent gifts or keepsakes.

Our Luxury Bangle Bracelets for Men

Our range includes bracelets shaped from sterling silver, rhodium-plated, and gold-plated silver, as well as rose gold and silver steel. Completed with an immaculate finish, our bracelets offer a sophisticated choice to any customer. Available in versatile design and styles, these are sure to make a unique addition to your jewellery collection.

From t-shape bracelets to cuff bangles, our brand offers a variety of options to suit every taste and occasion. Men’s bracelets have become a prominent fashion statement. Add flair and personality to any outfit with Tateossian bangles and bracelets.   

Personalised Men’s Bangle Bracelets

What elevates our bangles is the opportunity for personalisation. Many of our trendy bangles and bracelets are available for personalisation. A wide range of bracelets can be personalised by using our engraving service. You can add your personal message or the name of someone special to the bangle to make it more thoughtful. Personalised gifts add life to a memorable event and make precious keepsakes because of the unique message involved.

Our range of grapheme bracelets offers the personalisation possibilities of using grapheme letters. Grapheme letters slide into the small clasp of grapheme jewellery to give the personalised touch to the selected bangles. You can choose to insert the initials of a loved one’s name or a short message. With our varied range, the possibilities are endless! Be prepared to spoil yourself or your loved ones with our exquisite bangles.

Versatile Designs

Many of our men’s bangles can be worn on their own or in combination with other bangles or bracelets. Our designs bring the option of stacking your favourite bangles together to create the desired look. The ultra-thin bangles from our range, for example, are perfect for wearing alongside a watch or another minimalistic bracelet.

Shop Men’s Bangles at Tateossian

Our signature bangles come with the Tateossian logo and stamped hallmarks. Decorated with engraved diamond pattern, they also have space for personation on the inside. Available in different sizes, some of our bracelets offer a layered look because of their double-effect design. The sleek stainless-steel range includes this feature, while sporting typical Tateossian elegance.

Explore our full range and elevate your style with one of the Tateossian men’s designer bangles and bracelets.

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Classic Bangle In Matte Black Rhodium Plated Silver- Engravable
Regalia Bangle In Black Carbon Fibre With Stainless Steel
ZAHA HADID DESIGN Apex bangle in brushed ruthenium plated sterling silver
Buckingham Hinge Cuff Bangle in Rhodium Silver with White Diamond
Buckingham Hinge Cuff Bangle in Rhodium Silver with Black Diamond
Buckingham Rope Hinge Cuff Bangle in Yellow Gold Plated Silver
Buckingham Rope Hinge Cuff Bangle in Black Rhodium Silver
Buckingham Rope Hinge Cuff Bangle in Rhodium Silver
Classic Bangle In Rhodium Plated Silver- Engravable
Yellow Gold Plated Hallmark Bangle Nuovo- Eco Friendly
Silver Rhodium Plated Silver Lhasa Bangle
Gold IP Plated Stainless Steel Elements Cuff Bangle
Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver Hallmark Bangle
Silver Ruthenium Plated Sterling Silver Hallmark Bangle
Rhodium plated sterling silver Hallmark bangle
Iridescent stainless steel Elements bangle Multi-colour
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