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Sustainable Luxury

Sustainable Luxury

2 minute read

Is it true? Can it be done? We don’t just believe that luxury and sustainability can coexist in harmony, we’re proving it.


Environmentally-conscious jewellery isn’t just another fleeting fad, it’s a revolution. And we don’t just push the boundaries of innovation with our designs. We’re striving to see how green we can become. Discover luxury jewellery you can enjoy with a clean conscience.


Do you want to scratch the surface of sustainable jewellery? The Graffiato cufflinks’ texture surface is hiding a beautiful secret: they were crafted from 100% recycled silver. They are magnificently minimal and adaptable to any outfit.


The latest innovation in conscious accessories is waiting for you right in the pantry. While many may look at corn and imagine it as a side to a family meal, our Evil Eye Bracelet envisioned it differently. The cable of the double-wrap bracelet is made from recycled corn.


If you’re hesitant to jump on the solar-powered bandwagon because green isn’t your colour, it’s time to reconsider. Our eco-friendly range never compromises quality or choice. The Serpente Gear Eco-Friendly Bracelet, for example, brings you a bold red macrame weave. You’d never guess the threads of the artful knots come from recycled plastic bottles. Or the  Recycle Vetro Macramé Bracelet which is a splendid display of recycled glass beads.

A conscious impact

From our smallest pin to our grandest cufflink, our impact remains large but our footprint small. That’s why we source our new materials — to ensure transparency and efficacy.


Our initiatives don’t stop there. Soon, we’ll be introducing our new packing and shopping bags that are nearing 100% recyclable materials. The journey to manufacture them will have a heavy emphasis on sustainability.

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