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Get into the spirit of Halloween

Get into the spirit of Halloween

2 minute read

Trick, treat or Tateossian? 

While others may prefer fake blood or ghoulish masks, we’d rather be dripping in designer jewellery during Halloween. 

The history of Halloween

Just like the real spider webs we brush away to make room for the artificial decoration, the traditions of Halloween have been constructed of many interweaving threads. 


It’s not a coincidence that Halloween falls during a period of massive change in the natural world. While modern humans are enjoying the crisp weather, over 2000 years ago the Celtic communities celebrated with their own festival called Samhain. 


Steeped in superstition, the Celts believed this time was when the veil between worlds thinned and the dead could once again roam the earth. They donned animal skin costumes, raised great bonfires and set places at the feast table for those departed. 


Throughout history, October continued to be a good time to keep a wary eye on spirits. In the 8th century, Pope Gregory III designated 1 November as All Saints’ Day as a time for Christians to remember departed saints and martyrs. 


This holiday didn’t travel across the world on a broomstick. It was introduced to America along with Irish immigrants fleeing from the Great Famine. 


As a crossroads between Celtic traditions and Christian celebrations, 31 October became known as All Hollow’s Eve. It eventually was shortened to Halloween, a time for the spooky, superstitious and sinister. 

 Life, death and diamonds


Hauntingly beautiful and with a sparkle that sends shivers down your spine, diamonds are the best way to dress up for Halloween. And our signature skull cufflinks are known for their enchanting charisma. 


These designer cufflinks, completed with diamonds and sterling silver accents, don’t have to be confined to their coffins once the season is over. Don’t be caught dead without them during a black tie gala or wear them as a way to liven up a frighteningly dull business meeting.

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