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Broaching the trend of pins

Broaching the trend of pins

4 minute read

If there were ever an accessory that embodied the saying “small but mighty”, it would be pins. 

Why? Well, they are quite literally badges of honour. 

Brooches and lapel pins are often more about denotation than decoration. From political affiliations, personal achievements, status symbols or pure ornamentation — a piece that embellishes your collar or lapel often says more about you than any other piece of jewellery.

What evolved into modern-day pins started with the humblest of beginnings: pins were crafted out of thorns, sticks and flint to secure clothing together. This idea veered off to bring us two modern iterations: the elaborate brooch and the handsome lapel pin.

A trend to pin your hopes on

Many say that pins are experiencing a renaissance but we ask, have they ever truly fallen out of the trend rotation? With functionality built into their design and history, these sharp accessories have always been a fashion constant. 

Lady Gaga was adorned with a gilded dove large enough to take flight during the 2021 US presidential election. 

The 2020 Golden Globes proved that no matter the man, or woman, brooches and pins were as versatile as any other accessory. Jason Momoa complimented his velvet suit with an 18-karat white gold Art Deco brooch while Rami Malek opted for a sleek 18-karat white gold pin with 24 brilliant-cut diamonds.  

Let’s not forget about poppies. In November, these vibrant flowers are fastened to almost every collar in the UK to symbolise Remembrance and hope for a peaceful future. While they might not strictly be a piece of jewellery, this occasion still perfectly captures the power of pins. 

Pin down the styling

Although brooches and lapel pins have the same roots, their styling has branched off in different directions. 

Lapel pins are always worn on the left lapel of your jacket. For shirts, the placement can be slightly moved but it’s always situated below the neckline and above your heart. This is why they are generally more popular for formal events. But a brooch in the same placement can achieve the desired effect. 

Brooches, in comparison, are the wild child of the pin family. The more unexpected the placement, the better. Think the sides of a denim jacket, attached to a backpack, on a scarf or even a belt. Just ensure the material can hold the weight.

A pin for every occasion 

Best for everyday luxury

If you’re looking for an accessory that knows no bounds, let us introduce you to the Fern lapel pin. A classic choice for your collar, it’s the dinner party guest and work colleague you’ll always want with you. 

Best for formal events

Surely there’s nothing more romantic than a flower pinned to a man’s lapel? For your next formal event, try one that never wilts but looks just as dashing. The rose lapel pin is the epitome of subtle sophistication.

Best for making a statement

We dare someone to try to ignore the magnetism of the Star Medal Skeleton pin. With its distinct war metal design, hanging chains, starburst shape and moving mechanical pieces — we think it’s impossible.


Best for travelling

Lightweight and compact but not without the charm of a Tateossian accessory, our Globe Cage pin deserves a prized place in your travel case. If you need to pack light but without compromising your style, pair them with the matching signature Globe Cufflinks for a globe-trotting charm. 

Best to show off personality

Pins are inherent storytellers so let it be known that yours is one of individuality. The Carbon Fibre Gear Pin combines moving parts, finishes and metals to bring you an elevated novelty. 

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