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Gifts for every anniversary

Gifts for every anniversary

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The vows have been said, the cake cut and the toasts finished – although the wedding is over, you and your partner have a lifetime of celebrations in front of you. We believe that every wedding anniversary deserves to be celebrated in style. But that presents a daunting task: to find a gift that celebrates each milestone anniversary you pass. Luckily multiple lists have been adapted to make spoiling your significant other effortless. 

More than just a directory of presents, the anniversary gift lists combine the expected with unusual gifts, all with their own meaning. In the beginning, the gifts hold symbolic significance (such as the paper and tin wedding anniversaries) but as your marriage matures, the gifts increase in value. This was done intentionally. A diamond is something valuable and rare, as is a marriage that has endured for over half a century. From personalised wedding anniversary gifts to unisex presents for couples, we’ve simplified milestone anniversary gifting with our version of the traditional wedding anniversary list.

The history of anniversary gifts

The tradition of giving gifts related to a specific anniversary is thought to have begun in Germany, by some records, as early as the 16th century. In the 1850s, a book entitled ‘Peasant Life in Germany’ was published and offered a closer look at this tradition. It detailed how a wife wore a silver wreath and the husband donned a silver buckle when celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. A similar custom was kept for the 50th anniversary, when a gold wreath was gifted. But it wasn’t just the couple that celebrated, those close to them also honoured this long-term union with gifts.

In the late 19th century, there was a revolution spurred on by Cupid’s arrows. The ‘love match’ – the new and novel idea of marrying for love – was triumphing over traditional marriage agreements. It was a time of gift-giving to commemorate the notion of love and commitment. The idea grew in strength and, in 1910, a more comprehensive list was created. It associated gifts with commonly celebrated anniversaries – the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 50th and 75th. Over time and with input from various industries, there are lists denoting traditional anniversary gift ideas, modern alternatives, as well as the flowers and gemstones associated with milestone wedding anniversaries. Couples nowadays, and those who want to celebrate them, don’t need to look far to find a thoughtful gift.

1st wedding anniversary: Paper

A blank slate. The beginning of a new life together. The first anniversary of married life is celebrated with paper and, while the honeymoon may be over, the honeymoon phase is still in full swing. Immortalise the first anniversary of many with something that lasts longer than a card: a paper-inspired piece of luxury jewellery. A paperclip is a small but mighty device that holds together your shared ideas, plans for the future and vows. It’s the sentimental start to your life together.

Rhodium plated sterling silver Paperclip macrame bracelet with wax cord Catena Contrast bracelet with rhodium plated silver paperclip

2nd wedding anniversary: Cotton

After two years of marriage, your lives have been thoroughly intertwined like the strands within a macramé bracelet. The second wedding anniversary heroes cotton. While the options are endless, surprise them with an elevated cotton gift that takes over two hours to produce. Our macramé crafters meticulously weave every cotton strand by hand, combining them until they become one unified piece. While that alone is a symbolic gesture, you can transform the red macramé bracelet into a personalised wedding anniversary gift by having your message engraved on the baton.

Red macramé bracelet with rhodium baton  Mykonos Knots bracelet in blue macramé and silver

3rd wedding anniversary: Leather

It’s not a precious gem or valuable stone, yet leather is one of the most respected materials in the world. It offers you durability and protection; good quality leather hardly scuffs even with everyday wear. It’s no surprise that it’s associated with the third wedding anniversary. Recognise how these three years have strengthened your relationship with a leather bracelet gift. And never miss an opportunity to remind your partner of how you feel when you can add a personalised engraving. 

Charles bracelet in Italian black leather with sterling silver Pop Rigato bracelet in double wrap Italian red leather with sterling silver

4th wedding anniversary: Blue topaz 

Associated with love and loyalty, it’s no surprise blue topaz is the fourth wedding anniversary gift. This stone is said to boast communication, deep emotions and compassion – three necessary elements for a successful marriage. The first deluxe gift on the list, blue topaz is your opportunity to do something extraordinary for your better half. 

Yellow gold plated sterling silver Cable bowl cufflinks with topaz 9K satin white gold Kensington drop earrings with topaz

5th wedding anniversary: Wood

Half a decade together means that your relationship has laid down some sturdy roots. But the fifth wedding anniversary is time to branch out with wooden gifts. Our wooden bracelets highlight the natural appeal of the material and are a unisex wedding anniversary gift that celebrates all the growth ahead of you and your partner.  

Legno bracelet in lapis, palm and ebony wood with rose gold plated sterling silver Ebony Gear bracelet in black macrame with rhodium plated silver

10th wedding anniversary: Tin

Your first decade of marital bliss is celebrated with tin. A metal that doesn’t rust and maintains its shine, it represents the perseverance of two people in love. Tin bends, it doesn’t break – just like a marriage must be flexible to be strong. While the symbolism of this year’s traditional anniversary gift is heart-warming, its execution is tricky – we don’t advise gifting them their favourite can of soup! Rather, go for some tin-inspired jewellery, like something reminiscent of a ring pull on a tin can. 

Signature Lock cufflinks with blue lapis in rhodium plated silver Signature Lock necklace with blue lapis in rhodium plated silver

15th wedding anniversary: Crystal

Think back to that toast on your wedding day, sipping champagne out of a crystal flute with a whole lifetime ahead of you. Bring your partner back to that moment with a sparkling crystal anniversary gift. When we think of crystal, we can only imagine the pinnacle of crystal jewellery: Swarovski. Go for something smile-inducing with a quirky crystal gift that brings them as much happiness as they have bought you. 

Water Tiger mechanical cufflinks with blue Swarovski elements Gangster Skull necklace in stainless steel

20th wedding anniversary: China

Just like a piece of fine china, marriages are delicate. Both require care and effort to maintain. After 15 years together, you’re probably an expert in that. Honour the vulnerability and trust it takes to have a successful marriage with a delicate jewellery gift to symbolise a beautiful life built together.

Black rhodium plated sterling silver Poseidon necklace with black pearls Rhodium plated sterling silver Evil Eye double wrap bracelet with agate

25th wedding anniversary: Silver

A quarter of a century together calls for something timeless. This is the year to immortalise your love with a personalised wedding anniversary gift set. An engravable silver bracelet is a perfect platform to display a wedding date, your initials or a message to your partner. 

Classic bangle in sterling silver Pure Thread bracelet with black macramé in sterling silver

30th wedding anniversary: Pearl

Formed under rare circumstances, requiring extra time and effort to become well-rounded, pearls are the perfect metaphor for 30 years together. Pearls are associated with the values of divinity, wisdom and honesty, and are now equally worn by men and women. 

Rhodium plated sterling silver Poseidon necklace with white pearls Black Diamond and Baroque Pearl necklace in 18k rose gold

35th wedding anniversary: Coral

Coral takes decades, even centuries, to grow into the spectacle we see on the ocean floors. While it may seem like an unusual anniversary present, after 35 years of being married it presents a great opportunity to give the unexpected. Living coral is protected so if you want to find an eco-friendly wedding anniversary gift, go for a coral jewellery piece that has been responsibly sourced. 

Devonian Horn Coral cufflinks (Limited Edition) Precious Stone bracelet with multi-colour stones in 18k rose gold

40th wedding anniversary: Ruby

This anniversary gift highlights the passion in your relationship. The fiery red ruby is the stone of love and a way to show your partner that your eternal flame is still strong. The 40th wedding anniversary is the time to celebrate in luxury, so be bold with designer ruby jewellery.  

Baton bracelet with ruby in black macramé and black rhodium plated sterling silver Nodo bracelet with ruby and sterling silver Precious Stone bracelet with ruby in 18k rose gold Star Ruby cufflinks in rose gold plated sterling silver (Limited Edition)

45th wedding anniversary: Sapphire

While passion is a key ingredient in marriage, sapphires symbolise the other side: wisdom, faithfulness and sincerity. The serene stone honours all the effort you pour into your relationship. 

Windsor bracelet with 139 blue sapphires in macramé and sterling silver Precious Button cufflinks with white mother of pearl & sapphires 14K satin rose gold Kensington double drop earrings with sapphire and amethyst Nodo bracelet with multi-colour sapphire and sterling silver

50th wedding anniversary: Gold

In some areas of the world – such as the Commonwealth realms, the United States and Canada – you can receive a message from the Queen, prime minister or president to commemorate your 50th anniversary. While that is truly special, it doesn't replace a gold anniversary gift that celebrates half a century together. Show your spouse that they are worth their weight (and more) in gold with a luxury gold or rose gold jewellery piece. 

Gold plated sterling silver Globe Mosaic cufflinks Yellow gold plated sterling silver Herringbone Click Coda Di Volpe bracelet Luxe White Diamond bracelet in 18k rose gold Rose gold plated sterling silver Apex necklace

55th wedding anniversary: Emerald

It may feel like you’ve spent an eternity together after 55 years of marriage. That’s most likely why it’s celebrated with something of eternal beauty: an emerald. This precious gem is striking in whatever form it takes, from a rough pendant to a micro-pavé of cut stones. 

Nodo bracelet with emerald and sterling silver Rough Emerald (71.05ct) pendant in 18k yellow gold Icosahedron emerald bracelet in hematite with sterling silver Black rhodium plated sterling silver Catena baton bracelet with emeralds

60th wedding anniversary: Diamond

A stunning 60 years together is something to celebrate, and you have Queen Victoria to thank for making this the diamond anniversary. In 1897, she celebrated her 60-year reign with a Diamond Jubilee — solidifying the precious stone with this milestone event. Your marriage has the strength, clarity and value of a diamond. This is the time to make a statement with diamond anniversary gifts that say it all. 

 Micro pace ID bracelet in sterling silver with diamonds Deco cable round cufflink in 18K white gold and diamonds Sterling silver Pebble black diamond ring with white diamonds Rough grey diamond bracelet with 18k gold

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