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Lapis Lazuli Jewelery

Lapis lazuli is a semiprecious stone that’s valued for its deep blue colour. This intense blue is sure to add a pop of colour to any ensemble, which is why Tateossian has crafted a range of lapis lazuli jewelry pieces. Here at Tateossian, we’re all about combining the classics with the contemporary to create truly unique accessories. We feel our lapis lazuli jewelry truly captures this ethos, boasting distinctive designs with timeless appeal. From bracelets to cufflinks, we’ve got you covered, so discover more about Tateossian’s range of luxury lapis lazuli jewelry below. 

Lapis Lazuli Bracelets

First up are our lapis lazuli men’s bracelets, which are guaranteed to elevate your accessory game to the next level. From our Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Evil Eye Double Wrap Bracelet with Lapis to our Legno Bracelet in Lapis, Palm and Ebony Wood with Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver, we have a number of stunning options to choose from. Tateossian is here to adorn your wrists with only the best, so discover our lapis lazuli bracelets and find your next favourite.

Lapis Lazuli Rings

Perhaps you’re more of a ring wearer. If so, then Tateossian’s lapis lazuli rings for men provide you with a world of choices. Whether you’re a fan of our Signature Lock Ring with Blue Lapis in Rhodium-Plated Silver or our Ceramic Signet Ring with Lapis, we can provide you with a quality accessory for daily wear or special occasions. This versatility is what makes our lapis lazuli collection so distinct, so find a ring that truly reflects your style today.

Lapis Lazuli Cufflinks, UK

Cufflinks need to do much more than serve a purpose – they also need to look great. Fortunately, we understood the assignment here at Tateossian, providing lapis lazuli cufflinks that secure your cuffs while also adding a subtle point of interest to your attire. From our Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Signature Octo Cufflinks with Lapis to our Sterling Silver Revolve Cufflinks with Lapis, our lapis lazuli cufflinks are sure to make any occasion even more special. Tateossian is here to help you combine style with functionality effortlessly. 

Shop Lapis Lazuli Jewelry in the UK at Tateossian

The jewelry pieces detailed above are just some of those available in Tateossian’s lapis lazuli accessory range. From watches to wallets, we’ve got it all. Browse our products and find your next favourite addition to your jewelry collection.

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